Complaints Procedure

Since our inception in 2010 we have taken great strides at B4B Telecoms in trying to deliver a high level of customer service and support. However, since most of our team are human, no matter how hard we try, we know that we will not always get everything right.

If we have made a mistake and you wish to complain, we will take your complaint seriously and will try to resolve the issue as quickly and effectively as possible or explain promptly and simply why we have taken the action that we have.

You can raise a complaint by phone, email or letter.


Our customer service advisors are trained to deal with most customer complaints and should be your first point of contact. You can call us on 028 9074 8844 from 0900 to 1730 Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays);

  • Sales related issues – select option 1 to speak with a sales adviser
  • Installation or service call issues select option 2 and ask speak with Operations
  • Technical issues – select option 2 to speak with a technical adviser
  • Billing issues – select option 3 to speak with a member of the billing team

We will ask you for all relevant information regarding your complaint and usually how we can resolve the complaint for you.

We will then investigate the matter thoroughly. We aim to resolve the issue directly with you, preferably during the initial phone call or via email within 3 working days. If we can’t do this, we will normally set out in writing what we are going to do regarding the complaint.


You can send your complaint to our Managing Director Our target is to respond to every complaint we receive via email within 5 working days.


If you would prefer to write to us, please address your letter to:

Customer Services Manager
B4B Telecoms
North City Business Centre
BT15 2GG

We try to reply to every complaint we receive by post within 10 working days. We’ll normally get back to you by phone but will gladly confirm any points in writing if you wish.


In the majority of cases, the first advisor will be able to resolve your complaint. However, if they are unable to resolve your issue to your reasonable satisfaction, you can escalate your complaint to the Customer Services Manager. If the Manager is not available immediately, they will try to contact you within 3 working days to resolve the complaint with you.

In the rare cases where we have not been able to agree upon a resolution after this escalation, you have the option to request to escalate your complaint process to this point for review by the Managing Director. We request that you do this via email or in writing. Within 10 working days we will then send you our final written response to this review, along with any new recommendations or actions.

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