About B4B

We’ve listened hard to what businesses really want from their telecoms partner

About B4B Telecoms

B4B Telecoms delivers business and corporate telecoms, network and data connectivity solutions to private, public sector and wholesale clients throughout the UK and Ireland.

We’ve listened hard to what businesses really want from their telecoms partner. We believe you will want a provider who understands your needs who can offer cutting edge technology and expertise and be supported by a team who share a passion to help you improve the way you work.

B4B Telecoms is one of the most highly regarded independent providers in the telecommunications market in Northern Ireland. We have been able to create this reputation by valuing loyalty and developing long term relationships with our customers.

Whilst strong relationships are at the core of our values, it’s the experience and expertise of our people that sets us apart. And with a management team of over 100 years of telecoms experience – we know we can support you through your business growth journey.

We know we can support you through your business growth journey

    Why Us?

  • We help our customers use technology to gain an advantage

    We love technology and more so, we love the use of the latest technology trends to help our customers gain an advantage in their respective industry. Be it through a new phone system, sourcing the best mobile tariff or providing resilient broadband circuits, we have it covered.

  • We are here to provide solutions for our customers

    Our customers come to us not to be sold to, but to receive advice on the best telecoms solution for their company. Our consultative approach to providing services ensures that we provide the best product for each and every customers unique situation.

  • We want to help our customer's businesses grow

    Our ultimate aim, and driving force behind our business is to help our customers grow their business. We have taken many customers through from start-up and early stage growth right up to becoming established business. We would like to think that our telecoms advice and support has been a major factor in this.

  • Provide VIP support as standard

    Our business has grown via referrals and customer recommendations. This is testament to the huge focus that our team put in support and service for our customers. From our help desk team, to our field based engineers and account managers, everyone has the same ‘Customer Comes First’ ethos.

  • We do this all at the best possible prices

    You would think perhaps, with the approach that we take to our sales process and support that we would need to add a premium to our pricing but this is not the case. Our heavy focus on using technology to keep our internal processes efficient as possible means that we can do all this and still provide some of the best pricing in the market.

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